With over 5 years of experience in content production and editorial, I have worked with one of the largest media houses, The Times Group and one of the Big Fours, EY. Currently, I am working with To The New, servicing its clients, including MHRD and a few media and entertainment brands, as a content specialist.

Gaming addiction is now 'officially' a disorder! Here's what we need to know - Times of India

With gaming addiction having been added to the already exhaustive list of disorders by the World Health Organization in ICD-11, experts all over the world are debating whether it was the right thing to do. Some are saying that the decision is not ‘properly informed’ while some think that it absolutely makes sense as even gaming can affect one’s 'social and occupational functioning'.

“Embroidery is not fashion but the very fabric of Kutch” - Times of India

There’s a magically real quality about hand-crafted embroidery. The rural landscapes of India have always had tribes who are masters of the art of embroidery and one such village is Kutch. After the 1969 drought in Kutch, women of that landscape were brought together by Chandaben Shroff to form what is known as ‘Shrujan-Threads of Life’ today. With more than sixteen different styles of embroideries inspired from tribal groups and communities of Kutch, the group of women became self-sufficient bread earners for their families.